Six Tips to Keep Your Beard and Body Healthy.

As a personal trainer and a skin care nerd, I take how I look and feel very seriously. Our commitment to health and fitness is how we keep our level of well being at its highest and our beards looking their best. 

1. Lift your spirits

..and by that we mean start lifting weights!  If engaged in a workout routine for six days a week, you will increase testosterone levels which naturally leads to beard growth.  It's all about the chain reaction!  If you can allow 6 days a week into your schedule then we recommend the following split for maximum results.

Monday: Push day - work your chest, triceps, shoulders.

Tuesday: Pull day - focus on back, biceps.

Wednesday: Legs. No one likes leg day, we know, but keep in mind that the quadriceps are the biggest muscles! You will burn real calories while growing your mane at the same time!

It’s the best two for one your body can offer. Thursday starts the routine all over from Push day, until Saturday. Sunday is your rest day, and meal prep! Which brings us to our second tip...

2. Hop On a Healthy Lifestyle!

Most of us struggle to cut off that last bit of stubborn body fat, and how might surprise you.  Studies say, "Eating five to six small meals a days increases your metabolism”. What that means is by increasing your metabolism, you’re signaling your body to digest food at a faster rate and preparing itself to eat more. As a result, you’re burning calories all day!  If you stick to your routine and get your meals in, you will see and feel the results in no time. Meals should include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a few snacks in between! Your main meals should have a protein, a carbohydrate, and a veggie. Snacks can be fruit, nuts, or rice cakes with peanut butter. The tasty and nutritious in-between meal options are endless!

3. Stay Hydrated! 

This one is a no brainer. Experts say to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water or drink eight - 8 ounce glasses a day. Water is important to maintain fluid levels, flush out toxins, and aid in digestion. If your skin is dry, chances are you’re not drinking enough water!

4. Make Beard Oil Essential to Your Daily Routine

The Beard The Men family has created oils that specifically help dry, itchy skin to aid in recovery and maintain freshness. We offer several kinds. Our two most popular scents are Citrus Lake and Evergreen Mist. We suggest putting your oil on as soon as you get out of the shower, when your pores are open for maximum skin absorption.  If your skin is hydrated, your beard will shine and flourish. 

5. Dress to Impress..Yourself

Wake up in the morning with a purpose.  This life is yours to lead and whether that is working out, grabbing lunch or shopping for your next pair of running shoes. How you spend your time should mean something. Look at yourself in the mirror and say you can do it.  Walk with confidence and inspire others to do the same. You never know who's watching, in need of some motivation.  Let’s hope whoever that is will pay it forward!

6. Stay involved

Join our family and stay confident in not only yourself, but everything you do.  As we said earlier, we take our health very seriously and it pays off!  We will tell you everything we do whether it's how to maintain a routine, how we meal prep or how we treat our beards. Beard the Men is truly about family and creating a backbone of support on your wellness journey. When you look good, we feel good. 

If you believe, you can achieve. 

*It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing*

*It takes 8 weeks for your friends and family*

*It takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world*