Who is Beardthemen?


My name is Anthony Borrelli, founder of Beardthemen. I’m from the smallest state in the country...Rhode Island. Contrary to popular belief Rhode Island is not in New York! We are our own proud state with beautiful coastlines and hard-working people trying to make a living. I grew up in a family of bakers and musicians. I started playing the drums at the age of five and ended up playing in a band straight out of highschool which lasted over 3 years, making some of the best memories.

After highschool, I helped my father five days a week at our family-owned bakery. His mantra always came across in his traditional Italian-American opinionated personality, “Always remember to work hard and make money now, so you never have to struggle in life.”  He instilled in me that knowing what you’re doing with your life and having those foundational skills to make a living for yourself is top priority and you know, I can’t blame him for being a tough teacher.  My father never let me give up on anything if there wasn’t a lesson behind it.  I learned that if you didn’t like how something was done, do it right. If you are not doing what you love, are you really happy? And that’s what I did.

I started Beardthemen because I wanted more out of myself.  I wanted the choice to grow facial hair, which I did and after keeping a clean look working around food, I was tired of shaving. It was either “shave and get the job, or beard and be a boss” So I left the bakery to pursue a job that could help me shed the weight of eating bakery food all my life and that move led to personal training.  

If I was putting any kind of product on my face to grow this beast, I wanted to know where it was coming from.  I demanded clean, organic ingredients that I can pronounce if I wanted to tell a friend about it.  I also wanted to own something that I could be proud of and not worry about a “big boss” mentality of someone who doesn’t know the product I sell.  Beardthemen is more than just my company.  It is part of my life and family.

I decided to change my career and lifestyle. I jumped into the fitness industry where I became certified as a personal trainer and there started my beard oil craze in 2016. Our goal was to change the synthetic bearded lifestyle and go the distance no one else would with organic ingredients.  We conducted continuous research and came up with the most powerful and beneficial scents we could possibly craft while at the same time being all organic.  And we’re not stopping there. Soon after 11 long months, we are developing the best possible products on the market today.