Beard FAQs

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is commonly a blend of natural and organic oils extracted from plants and essential oils that help nourish your beard, maintain its beauty to its full capacity, and keep your beard smelling fresh and clean for hours.

How long does the scent last?

Because everyone's skin is different, some scents may last longer than others.  Beard oil is not meant to be a cologne and last all day.  You will find that because our oils are 100% organic with no synthetics, fillers, or fragrances, your skin will thank you!  You can still have all the benefits of our beard oils, while still being able to use your favorite cologne.

What is your impact on Nature? 

We created Beardthemen for those who take care of themselves inside and out.  We created a product that is less harmful to the earth and crafted in be the most natural way possible, using all-natural ingredients with minimal packaging. 

Is there really such a thing as beard care?

Of course there is!  Most men do not like to grow their facial hair out because it becomes "annoying to maintain", but Beardthemen is here for you, and we are eliminating the annoyance with care.  Our oils are made to properly nourish a healthy beard and skin profile.  Our mission is to stop your beard from itching completely and ensure your confidence level is 110%.

How do I apply it?

Once you've hopped out of the shower, you should dry your beard lightly (not aggressively), we don't want any damage.  When applying your oil, you'll first want to exfoliate it into the skin and then work to the ends of your beard.  You want to make sure that the oil touches every bit of your skin beneath your beard to ensure hydration.  If the skin underneath is malnourished, irritation may occur.

How much am I supposed to use? 

Because your skin is sacred, we recommend a dime size amount of oil in the palm of your hand.  If it's not enough, add a few more drops.  It all comes down to the length and thickness of your beard.  You will feel a nice coat on your mane, but once your hair dries, it will be silky smooth and healthier than ever.

Why do your prices vary? 

We want to ensure that you and your beard are getting the best quality ingredients possible which is why we chose to use organic ingredients where possible, and where not, only 100% natural ingredients. Our goal is to have all of our products 100% organic. We can do that with your support.  The prices will vary depending on origin and extract used.


What are the carrier oils you use in each product? 

All of our carrier oils are 100% USDA certified organic. 

Sweet Almond oil - Naturally made with vitamin E, this oil is true for skin softening, reducing itch, and keeping it healthy.  Applying this oil regularly can also protect your skin of oxidative stress and UV radiation damage.

Jojoba oil -  Known to be closest to our skin oil sebum, jojoba oil is the best for keeping a healthy complexion to your skin while moisturizing and restoring dry skin. 

Argan oil - Rich in antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids and also contains twice as much vitamin E than olive oil.  It's also known to improve texture to acne-prone skin and help maintain a youthful glowing appearance. 

Coconut Oil - Excellent for skin moisturizing and softening.  It's naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal.  Coconut oil for skin is an excellent moisturizer, it can penetrate hair better than other oils.

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