Our Story - Beardthemen


 As part-time personal trainers and full-time beard/skin care nerds, we care about more than just your hair, beard, and skin but your overall health and wellness too.  This is more than just putting great-smelling products on your mane; the nutrients and vitamins your skin is receiving benefits you in more ways than you can imagine. We’ve carefully chosen organic and 100% natural ingredients in our oils because who has time for any of that synthetic paraben junk anyway? We want you to know exactly how these ingredients are extracted and which blend would be a true fit to match your skin’s profile. At Beardthemen™, grooming and skin care feel less like a hobby and more like a way of life.  Join us on this journey in bringing all-natural products that promote hair growth, shine, and confidence in your skin. 

Be confident. Be you. Beardthemen.

- Anthony Borrelli